What is Hypertension?

This NHS advanced service is designed to check your blood pressure for signs of hypertension.

Hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure (140/90mm Hg or higher) puts more strain on your arteries as they lose their elasticity and they become hard and narrow. This narrowing makes atheroma (fatty cholesterol) easier to build up which can lead to risks of heart attacks and strokes. It can also be the cause of smaller blood vessels in different parts of the body. High blood pressure can also cause damage to vital organs as the high pressure impacts on soft tissue.

Am I Eligible?

As an NHS service, this is free to all eligible patients. We are currently offering the service primarily for those aged 40 and over, as they are in a higher risk group for blood pressure conditions. Other patients may be considered at the discretion of a pharmacist.

We can also test for hypotension (low blood pressure), though this carries less risks than hypertension. After a positive diagnosis, our pharmacists can guide you towards the appropriate treatment.

Hypotension, or low blood pressure (90/60mm Hg or lower), is less severe than high blood pressure with very little symptoms, but it can still put your body at risk of dizziness, sickness, weakness and fainting.

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